By all the Power of Three Times Three…
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By all the Power of Three times Three...



Come ye to the sacred place,
And stand within the sacred space.

Turn your minds to secret things,
And enter now into the ring.

By Wand and Blade I summon Thee,
Mountain, Wind, Flame and Sea.

Air and Fire, Water, Earth,
Let the Magick come to birth.  So Mote It Be.





Merry do we meet again,
We’re all here as we’ve ever been.
We meet tonight in peace and love,
As is below, so is above.





Come we forth, with Song and Dance,
Within the Lady's radiance.

To mark the turning of the year,
The door to gladness now is here.

May the Deities be here tonight,
And bring us love and peace and light.

Come to us within this place,
To join us in our sacred space.