By all the Power of Three Times Three…
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By all the Power of Three times Three...



As a Circle, we always stand,
Joined together, hand with hand.

We work great Magicks here as one,
Drawing strength from Moon and Sun.

The light within us ever burns,
Forever as the Wheel turns.

We have called the Lady, and the Lord,
With candle flame, and Wand and Sword.





The Ancient Powers, we have called,
The Mysteries hid within us all.
We danced within a Moonlit Glade,
And dreamed within the forest shade.





Always we’re one, and yet a part,
Of a greater whole of mind and heart.

By Earth and Wind, Flame and Sea,
We’re all together. So Mote It Be.

Let's now release our hand from hand,
But yet united, we do stand.

The power flows from friend to friend,
Until the Universe shall end.